ADCNC Leadership

Dr. Ekele Alphonsus Ngwadom (Chairman)

Alphonsus Ekele Ngwadom, migrated to the United States from Nigeria in 1991and settled in Newark, New Jersey. He joined and served in the United State Navy from 1995 to 1999 with honorable discharge.

As a Psychotherapist and Professor of Psychology and Sociology at University of Mount Olive, Ekele’s desire is to create and improve Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) for the utilization of mental health services in our schools and communities, provide crisis prevention and intervention  techniques in our schools and communities based on cognitive behavioral framework. With Ekele’s academic experience, clinical skills, and research ability, his long term plan is to serve as a consultant between public education and community mental health agencies in North Carolina. As a bridge builder, Ekele would like to bridge the communication gaps between diverse communities and leverage his position as Chairman of the ADCNC and the services of Therapeutic Learning Center.

Ultimately, Ekele would like to extend these services to schools and communities in African countries. Ekele’s desire for a better mental health system for Africa is shaped by his childhood experiences in Nigeria where he observed students who are dyslexia; autistic, bipolar, schizophrenic and other mental health issues struggle to make grades with little or no assistance.

Ekele has an associate degree in Criminal Justice from Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ, a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science, Master’s Degree in Secondary Education, Master’s Degree in School Administration, Master’s Degree in Counseling Studies and PhD in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior. Ekele is a bridge builder

Ekele has over 20 years of working experience and living in Wake and Johnston Counties in North Carolina with his wife of 24 years and 4 children.


Dr Chima Nwosu (General Secretary)

Dr Chima Nwosu is the General Secretary of the African Diaspora Coalition. He is a chemical engineer with experience in the oil industry, solid waste engineering, and renewable energy and business. His work experience includes Research & Development Division, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), International Business Machines (IBM), Cree Research, North Carolina Department of Public Safety, United States federal government etc. He is the President of Carochen International Group Inc.  He is also the Chairman of Governing Council, International Institute for African Scholars, an Adjunct Professor in the School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Saint Augustine’s University, Raleigh, North Carolina. He serves on the Board of Global Peace Mission, Raleigh Pace-setters Alumni Association, USA-Africa Chamber of Commerce, etc. He holds an MBA and also a Ph.D in Project Management. He currently volunteers with various organizations promoting appropriate technology, renewable energy, waste management technology, arts and science education. He is married with children and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.


Dr Philip Mwalali (Executive Director)

Visionary, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Africa Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina (ADCNC) Dr Philip Mwalali MD, MMed, MPH, is an International health consultant, Co- Founder and Medical advisor for Africa Economic Foundation, a member of many medical associations and an advocate for sustainable development in resource poor settings.

Philip has extensive experience in training of Health professionals both at Universities, colleges and in the field. He has wide research experience and has provided technical and consultancy services to Kenya Government, United Nations organizations (UNDP, UNFPA, WHO) and other international agencies. During his tenure of office with the UN he offered consultancy services in over ten countries in Africa. He advocates for unity in Africa, supports cultural diversity and preservation of cultural heritage.

The glare of the vision of ADCNC developing into a powerful network of Africans in Diaspora has remained the driving force in his involvement in ADCNC growth since the first meeting. Philip has relentlessly invested time and energies to the development of ADCNC since its inception in 2007. He strongly holds the view of ADCNC being the engine for unity amongst African in Diaspora. In 2012 he volunteered to be the first ADCNC Executive Director.

Dr Mwalali is philanthropic in nature and has a special passion for stimulating community involvement in development in resource poor setting. He has developed a unique micro-financing model that offers an opportunity for breaking the cycle of poverty in resource poor settings. He has reason to believe that there are many others amongst the Africans in Diaspora who have developed better models or have unique experiences and the wisdom that could contribute to accelerated growth of Africans in Diaspora and Africa at large. He believes that the growing ADCNC network provides a forum for sharing ideas and stimulating collective ACTION. Recently at a Kenyan Diaspora Conference he was awarded for his community based initiatives.

Dr Mwalali is Kenyan born, married and has four grown boys (men) and a granddaughter.

Contact:, Phone – 919 923 6188



Dr. Philliph Masila Mutisya

Professor of Education, M.Ed., Ed.D at North Carolina Central University

Professor Mutisya  is an expert in Institutional Training and Development, Leadership in Community Development, Research on Cultural Identity Development, Educational Leadership and Social Change, Program Development, Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation. He is a board member of Academy of Process Education Executive Board of Directors, Association for The Advancement of Educational Research Executive Board of Directors, and Valor Academy Co-Founder and Chair of Education Committee. He chose to join the ADCNC to Enhance the Vision and Mission of ADCNC – with its main focus on empowering the people of African Diaspora. He is proud of the role ADCNC focus on mentoring and Empowering People of the African Diaspora, through Economic and Global Entrepreneurship, Education, Political and Cultural enhancement for the ADCNC and Others with similar interest. He is one of the ADCNC Visionary Members (Co-Founder) and Education Outreach Advisory Member-Generation Credit Union-ADCNC Financial Credit Union.


Dr Violet Smart

Dr. Violet Smart  has worked  with Department of Public Safety since 2003. She was at the Central Prison, Adult Correction facility for over 10years as a Lead Nurse and recently transferred  to North Carolina Correctional Institute for women where she works as a Nurse Supervisor overseeing the Mental Health Department. Dr Smart’s Nursing career stretched back to her home country Nigeria. She Became a Certified Registered Midwife in 1984, managed a Government in-patient Maternity  Hospital delivering thousands of babies for four years. Soon after this, she joined her husband in the USA in 1980 and proceeded to Wake Tech Community college for her Associate degree in Nursing.
In 2005 she proceeded to answer the call upon her life for ministry. She pursued and obtained a Masters and Doctorate degrees in Theology. She has used the model of Christ’s compassion in her daily life and church service especially in Prison where it most needed. She has served in the Boards of many Community based organizations including Nigerian Women Organization, African Advocated Against Aides to name a few. She has served as  PRO to ADCNC for over 5years

Capt. George Njeru Njue (Member: Executive Board)

Capt George Njeru Njue is President of Nairobi Sister Cities International, Board member of Raleigh Sister Cities Association and the committee chairman of Raleigh –Nairobi sister cities initiative. The chairman of Kenya Diaspora Advisory Council of North Carolina, A board member of Myles of great hopes, Secretary of FEP in NC and an active community organizer. He is a retired officer of the Kenya Armed Forces. He has served in several United Nation missions both in Eastern Europe and Africa. He has served as an Agricultural Technical Research assistant, Horticultural Export Crop Inspector at JKIA and done business in Mombasa and Nairobi before relocating to the US. .He is a member of MOBA . Married with two grown children and resides in Raleigh NC USA

Isaac Kuria

Isaac is a Computer Info System graduate from Wake Technical Community College, school of business (BA) – University of Phoenix, and Project Management Institute PMI – North Carolina State University. Currently a Project Manager at Cary Family YMCA, Vice President at Nairobi Sister Cities, Board member Raleigh Sister Cities, Board of Trustee Talanta Awards Inc, Community organizer for Kenyan in Raleigh and Triangle in general, Co-Founder Triangle Kenyans Soccer – Kadanda na Mpira (social), Founder Triangle Kenyan Kids Heritage (social), formerly a loss mitigator at Barclays Capital PLC/Barclays Bank NC. He is the Founder and President of Myles of Great Hopes. He has a great passion for being a voice for people in need of help in meeting the very basic resources. He is kind hearted, something he inherited from his mother. He loves to give, to serve, to volunteer and MoGH has been the best vehicle.