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Welcome To African Diaspora Coalition USA dba ADCNC

We live in a time when the world need visionary and disciplined leadership, a time when American leadership in the world is questionable and people all over the world seek for trusted leadership and good governance. What Africans need is good leadership. Leadership that is not corrupt and selfish. Africa, as a continent, has the resources needed to develop itself.  In the past decades, African leaders have usurped the resources and opportunities avail to them to disenfranchise the continent and its people. Very few leaders have risen to the occasion. African Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina (ADCNC) wants to provide the platform for economic, political, and cultural leadership, empowerment and advancement. Economically, we need to establish Afro Federal Credit Union to enhance our businesses, by political power we want to elect Africans into positions at the federal, state, and local governments. Additionally, by culture, that is what we transport and transfer to our children. We must leverage each other’s expertise and position in different establishments to enhance African society worldwide. As your chairman, I challenge you to heed to the call of leadership and true services to advance these noble goals.